Importance of having a good quality yoga mat

Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats that are used during asana yoga practice to help prevent slipping. There are a large variety of yoga mats with different features and materials.

Yoga mats are one of the most iconic symbols of yoga. Some people don't use a yoga mat when practicing yoga. However, using a yoga mat provides many benefits while practicing yoga. 

Some of the benefits of using yoga mats

Improves balance

A perfect surface during your asana poses will help you keep your balance. By being comfortable, you’ll be able to prolong your pose and get a better result, mentally and physically. A good quality yoga mat will provide the perfect thickness and the perfect surface to help you improve your balance. 


Non-slip yoga mat provides safety. Other surfaces, like regular wood, can be slippery, especially while staying in the same position for a prolonged time. Your hands or feet can get very sweaty - they could slide on the surface and cause you to fall.  Yoga mats are designed to keep you safe by providing a firm surface to perform the yoga poses correctly. 


A high-quality yoga mat is designed to provide support while practicing yoga poses. A combination of the perfect materials will make you feel comfortable, and the right stickiness will create the perfect surface during a yoga session. 

A designated space

Having a yoga mat for your sessions is imperative. It creates mental and physical space for your yoga practice. It's also more sanitary than a regular surface. Doing yoga on regular surfaces can compromise your health since you may catch germs from other people who put their hands or feet on it before you. 

Why is it important to use a good quality yoga mat?

Now that you know the benefits of using a yoga mat, let's learn about the importance of using a good quality yoga mat. Yoga is very popular nowadays. It's a lifestyle many people share. Yoga mats are an essential instrument, that’s why it is important to have the perfect yoga mat. 

A good-quality yoga mat provides the necessary grip needed for a yoga session - it’s soft, absorbent, and breathable. The ideal yoga mat is made with the best eco-friendly material for the environment without losing comfort for your body. 

Yoga mat material

The best material for yoga mats is PU or polyurethane, as it is eco-friendly and has the right amount of stickiness needed for yoga practice. PU material is non-toxic, affordable, biodegradable, and doesn’t emit any disagreeable odor when unboxed.

Aliquet has created a yoga mat combining the best materials - our yoga is made of PU rubber. This perfect combination has been tailored to create an exceptional yoga mat that will help you obtain the best benefits during a yoga practice.

Where to find the best yoga mat


At, you can find the best yoga mat that will fit your needs and help you get the best out of your yoga sessions. Our yoga mat is made out of the perfect combination of the best materials to meet all the requirements for providing support: reducing joint impact, flexibility, softness, safety, grip, absorption. It doesn't matter if you're a yoga beginner or a pro; our yoga mat has been designed for you! 

Aliquet is known for creating yoga clothing and yoga equipment to obtain the best results and feel positive. We use the best quality materials for each product that we designed. 

We are proud to create a perfect yoga experience for students and teachers. A good quality yoga mat can make a significantly positive difference to boost your yoga practice results!


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