About us

At Aliquet, our goal is to add value to active customers through our products. Aliquet was born in Toronto, Canada. Its purpose is not only to offer Yoga clothing but to create positive thinking which unites people. We believe our body has the positive energy necessary for our wellbeing. 

We carefully deliver our products around the world. With a focus on Europe, North America, and Brazil, we aim to expand our reach to other parts of the world.

We provide innovative and enjoyable fitness clothing products. Our products will allow you to gain flexibility on your workouts, while the soft material will make you feel comfortable at all times. Our not see-through and anti-pilling fabric will allow you to enjoy your product longer. Our objective is to gain your trust by offering you the best quality products for your workout needs. We promise to always listen to our customers and constantly improve our customer service. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Our experience in yarn fabric mixture makes the final product the best in its class. Our engineering skills allow us to create innovation in the textile industry. Most of the fabric mixture we use contains Nylon, a polymer derived from polyamide monomers extracted from crude oil. We know the importance of mixing a polyamide monomer correctly to make a quality product. We firmly believe that we can innovate the Yoga clothing industry even further. Our engineering education enables us to understand how the fabric performs in various climate conditions. 

Our company name is short for Curabitur Aliquet, which means Athletics in Latin. We hope our customers will embrace our vision and join us in the pursuit of finding the most enjoyable fitness experience. 

As a Canadian incorporated company, we strictly follow the Canadian business code with Integrity and Professionalism. 

We look forward to an exciting journey together and be your favorite online store for many years to come!



Aliquet Inc Team