About us

Aliquet is a Canadian lifestyle brand geared for the trailblazers, #ladybosses and amazing women who are getting out there and killing it every day.

Aliquet is more than a brand though- it’s a mindset. 

Pronounced- Al-i-ket, it’s short for Curabitur Aliquet which means Athletics in Latin. It’s also the feeling we want to evoke for anyone who wears our apparel. At Aliquet, our vision is all about fitness, healthy living and positive thinking.

Not only can a positive mindset change your life, it is a form of self-care. Wearing beautiful clothing is also an expression of this. All of our apparel is made from superior quality fabrics that were innovated by engineers in the textile industry.
This has not only allowed us to create modern activewear, our items are also amazingly soft, durable and strong.

Our Goal

As women, we know you take on a lot. Whether you’re slaying it at the office, running your own business, or being a fearless momma, clothing is the armour that protects you and embraces you in our journey. From busy days out, to mindful days in, our lifestyle pieces are geared to inspire positive thinking, health living and helping women feel amazing every day.


Aliquet Inc Team

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women, create positive energy and change , and provide unique activewear for all shapes and sizes.

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